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brilliant wonderful beauty face analyzer

brilliant wonderful beauty face analyzer
Product Detailed
brilliant wonderful beauty face analyzer remove black acne, cure all kinds of folliculitis, acne, acne spot, eye cancer freck

          Brilliant wonderful beauty  face analyzer  

Face freckle, age-spot, hereditary black mole, and other pigmentation, red face, red capillary, distillers grain nose, thick pore, remove black acne, cure all kinds of folliculitis, acne, acne spot, eye cancer freckle, character freckle, improve panda eye, white the skin, remove extra hair, lift up the breast to prevent it distortion, and aging.

Chapter 1 System Overview

I.Equipment description

1.Curing system

A high-strength pulse photon curing to achieve delicate skin under the curing principles based on photons selective heat absorption effects; this system is composed of the three parts: main equipment cabinet, control panel, strong photon intelligent curing head.

2.Intelligent system

Microcomputer intelligent control system, intelligent identification system, intelligent chip integration

3.  Detecting system

High-resolution, high-pixel, low-illumination photo transfer system; high-lucidity TFT LCD analysis system

II.Curing scope

1.This equipment is designed to make skin delicate and remove hair with curing effects for:

A Blood vessel disease, including capillary vessel dilatation, skin reddening, and red nose tip caused by grog blossom;

B Pigment disease, including fleck, skin splash, skin color spot, skin sunburn and sunning aging;

C.Coarse pore, skin roughness, elasticity deficiency and acne;

D Removal of fine wrinkles and delay of skin ageing;

E Hair removes.

2.This equipment effectively cures the locations in face, neck, breast and limbs.

3.This equipment is capable to detect and diagnose troubled skins with high lucidity and resolution.


Potential complications may be encountered in aesthetic IPL procedures, in particular if inappropriate IPL settings are used. It is very important to advise the patient that during the treatment some complications may occur:

·Hypo or hyperpigmentation may occur if the client has had sun exposure within  less than 4 weeks before and after treatment.

·Burn marks on the skin may occur if the client was not properly shaved before treatment, or operator applied too much energy on the treated area.

·Blisters and / or hypo or hyperpigmentation may occur when treating dark skin without precautions.

·Zebra stripes may occur if you are treating a client using too much gel and the light is flashing out from the sides of the applicator or when not being careful about overlapping when treating the client.

During the treatment, the patient should always report every sensation.

III.Technical parameter

Curing light: high-strength pulse photon

Transfer system: sapphire

Wavelength: 530-1100nm (SR), 610-1100nm (HR)  

Energy density: 15-50J/cm2

Spot size: 8*40mm

Pulse sequence: 2-15 pulse

First pulse width: 1.0-20ms

First pulse intermission: 3.0-50.0ms

Second pulse width: 0.5-10ms

Second pulse intermission: 2.0-50.0ms

Cooling system: water-cooling + air-cooling + semiconductor refrigeration

Power supply: 220V , 110V   

Weight: 48kg

Photo system: CCD768H*494(V) 410000 pixel

Display system: TFT LCD display system

Chapter 2 Safety Description

This equipment is one kind of safe and reliable beautifying equipment designed to make skins delicate and remove hair; previously-trained qualified beautification professionals and medical care personnel are able to use this equipment in a safe manner so that as it is properly operated and maintained.

I.Safety warning

A Except for the technical personel authorized by our company, any other person is not allowed to examine or repair IPL, especially the interior of this equipment, including internal adjustment of power supply, cooling system, optical elements, and strong photon curing head, etc.

B.Please note that dangerous high voltage is present with this equipment.

C.This equipment cannot be repaired unless it is shut off and disconnected of power supply.

D The photon conductive crystal must be kept constantly clean, and any coupling glue is not allowed to contaminate the interior of photon head.

E.If photon curing head is found to be leaking water, this equipment must not be started; and if it has been started, then it must be immediately shut off.

II.   Strong photon warning

A Strong photon may damage eyes, or cause burning or burn injury; all reliable preventative and protective measures must be taken during application.

B Over-heat damage to skin may be caused if excess quantity of photon is released onto the locations under curing, and hyperplasia or shrinkage or color spot sediment may be subsequently caused.

C When high strength pulse photon is being released, both patients and beauticians must wear preventative and protective glasses.

D Do not pose photon curing head into sky for photon release; when not used, curing head must be put on curing head holder, when curing, it must be posed towards cured location.

E When photon is being released, eyes must be kept far away from photon curing head.

III. Optical safety

A. When this equipment is in use, all personnel must wear preventative and protective glasses; if patients are not suitable to wear preventative and protective glasses, non-transparent materials must be used to protect their eyes on the precondition that such patients have closed their eyes.

B. Only the personnel receiving good safety training is allowed to access this equipment.

C. All personnel working at curing room must be familiar with IPL control and must know how to immediately shut off this equipment.

D. Even preventative and protective glasses are worn, direct eye contact with photon or reflecting photon released from photon curing head.

E.Photon curing head must not be applied outside the scope limited by this manual.

F.Do not use this equipment under easily combustible or explosive environments.

G.Ornaments, watches, medical apparatus or mirrors must be prevented from reflection of strong pulse photon.

IV. Electrical and mechanical safety

A. All panels and covers must be sealed, opening covers may cause dangers.

B. Dangerous high voltage is present with this equipment, some components may also store electrical charges even after power supply is disconnected; therefore, except for the technical personnel designated by our company, any other personnel is not allowed to disassemble any cover components.

C. When equipment is being maintained, power supply cover must not be opened.

D. This equipment is grounded to earth through the grounding connector of the 3-connector power supply plug, good grounding is very important to operational safety.

brilliant wonderful beauty face analyzer

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